TV/Film Review

Review: Castle

I’ve just started watching this series. I’ve nearly run out of Season One. Subscribing to LoveFilm is a terrible thing.


Flirty, successful, up-himself, quick and clever crime writer Richard Castle meets attractive, intelligent, sharp and gently-troubled Detective Kate Beckett when he’s arrested in connection with murders that resemble the murders in his books.

Searching for ‘inspiration’ he then follows her around the delightfully-staged crime scenes making sassy comments, getting in the way and figuring things out as a killer “needs to make a good story”.

It’s ridiculous.

I love it.

I’m probably a little late to this bandwagon, but I’m on it. Remove the scientific aspect that you might know and love from shows such as Bones, add in some more smart-aleck writing, fast-paced murders and plenty of growing sexual tension and you’ve got Castle.

At some point soon they’ll get drunk, they’ll kiss and it’ll be lovely. And there are plenty more episodes to go! (Also, Nathan Fillion is a delight. I already love Doctor Horrible and Firefly; he’s just pulling in the audiences)

I should really stop watching this and go do something else …


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