Review: The Charmed Wife by Olga Grushin

I love a fairy tale retelling. But even more than that, I love a sophisticated fairy tale retelling - the kind that turns the original story on its head, links it with other stories and really makes you think a little differently about the message that it's actually giving your children. Cinderella is Dead, which I read last year, did this to some extent. It examined how it can be dangerous to promote stories of 'good' brides and wives can damage society when they are behaving that way because it is desired by men. The Charmed Wife is yet another Cinderella retelling, but this is a Cinderella who is thirteen years married and wants her husband DEAD.



I've finally finished my Master's thesis (well, a week ago, but I haven't stopped being busy since and the boyfriend had an operation, so ...) and that means I've finished my degree!Vital statistics: 200+ pages, 100+ illustrations, 130 books in the bibliography. (Can you tell I'm a little proud of how chunky this is, even… Continue reading FREEDOM