Book Review

Review: Skin of the Sea by Natasha Bowen

I was a little apprehensive about embarking on reading a story that felt very Little Mermaid in its opening pages. But Skin of the Sea was much more detailed, much more exciting and was packed with Nigerian and West African folklore that quickly made the story much less a retelling, and entirely a novel in its own right.

Book Review

Review: The Stranger Times by C. K. McDonnell

The Stranger Times was a fun combination of urban fantasy sleuthing with something that feels like a Miéville/Gaiman dejá vu. Except that it is really, really hard to write well like both of those authors. So instead I got something that felt too familiar to be wholly enjoyable that used snark and characters being nasty to each other in a way that really jarred with me.

Book Review

Review: Full Disclosure by Camryn Garrett

I'm glad I read this. It's been sitting on my ARC shelf for a little while (read: slipped down the list when I requested too many books at once) and I just hadn't got round to it. It's very clear, incredibly diverse and parts are completely heart-wrenching. It didn't quite hit all the points for me personally but there was lots of the kind of raw emotion that makes you really feel for the characters.