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Reviews: The Change #1, #2, #3 by Guy Adams

I’m currently having a powerful NetGalley clear-out and have had these three books sitting on my shelf since 2017 (2017! Back when things were so simple …). I received them at the same time and they’re three very short teen horror stories, so I thought I would group the three reviews together.

Title: The Change 1: London OrbitalThe Change 1
Series: The Change #1
Author: Guy Adams
Pages: 160
Publisher: Solaris
Publication Date: 13th July 2017

Rating: 3/5 stars



In a post-apocalyptic world (“where were you when it happened”) a young man wakes up on the M25 with zero memories. Only the notebook in his pocket tells him he might be called Howard. He teams up with a boy named Hubcap, who is living with a biker gang in the Kingdom of Welcome Break. But there’s something else out there. Something clanking and metal.

It was fun and fast – very few details but plenty of ‘banter’ between Howard and Hubcap. Apparently there’s still time for that when the world ends. It’s also so fast that everyone connects really quickly and you’re not quite sure what’s going on.

It’s also pretty gruesome in places – I guess that goes with the territory – but in a dark humour kind of way. It’s kind of funny?

Title: The Change: New York – The Queen of Coney Island The Change 2
Series: The Change #2
Author: Guy Adams
Pages: 160
Publisher: Solaris
Publication Date: 13th July 2017

Rating: 4/5 stars



In Book 2 of this series we meet Grace, who is searching for her brother. She meets a man who believes himself to be God and they continue into the Queen of Coney Island’s territory. Grace needs her permission to travel to Rikers Island, where she thinks her brother might still be – but she is set an impossible task before she can reach him.

This book has the same kind of open-ended structure – it feels like you’re just dropping into the characters’ lives for a day or so. But I enjoyed the story much more than the first one. It has a clearer idea of what’s going on, the settings feel more complete and the story is a lot more amusing than horror funny.

Title: The Change: Paris – A City of Fools Change 3
Series: The Change #3
Author: Guy Adams
Pages: 160
Publisher: Solaris
Publication Date: 13th July 2017

Rating: 3/5



This time we’re in Paris, with Loic, who was previously homeless and has taken on guardianship of a young boy called Adrien. After The Change, everyone’s homeless now. When Adrien is captured by the painted men, the Impressionists, he has to decide whether to mount a daring and suicidal rescue or to continue hiding in the catacombs of Paris.

I like how these books introduce you to various cultural or historical features of an area. As it’s Paris, there are monsters in the Louvre, an attack Eiffel Tower, self-aware statues and murderous lady guillotine. It didn’t quite have the same comedy value as the previous book (I found the kids somewhat annoying) but enjoyed the variety of monstrous characters that relate to French history and culture.

There are 3 more books after these, which I don’t have access to a copy of – another set in London (in Kew Gardens?), another in New York and finally one in Tokyo. I’m not convinced anything gets wrapped up, just that these are 6 different teen/YA snapshots into the apocalypse, some that apparently cross over with characters from the other books, and each with a feature ‘native’ to its setting. It’s kind of fun? But overall no more than 3 stars from me.

I received ARCs of the books from NetGalley and from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.



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