Weekly Wrap Up

Weekly Wrap Up (5-11/08/19)

Hi everyone,

I thought I would finally put together one of these weekly wrap up posts.

I’m currently on my summer holidays AND I’ve just moved house, so a lot of this week has been spent settling into the area, picking up random bits of paid work and just enjoying a slightly nicer lifestyle!

This week I read two books:

I rated Lord of Secrets 4 stars and 100 Days of Sunlight 3 stars.

I’m currently reading The Sword Saint (Empire of Salt Book 3) by Conn Iggulden. I enjoy the combination of light and political fantasy that you get from these books. It’s been a little slower to start than the previous ones in the series, but I’m looking forward to seeing how it all wraps up.


I may have got a little excited buying books this week, as I now live close to some charity shops (and am consequently now on the look out for a new set of shelves!)

I’m really happy to have some books received this week too, kindly sent from Avon Books.


And finally, the big one, ARCs received. I receive most of my review copies through NetGalley at the moment and tend to pick up a few every week (which is how and why my poor TBR is so out of control!). This week I’ve been approved for:

Deeplight has a gorgeous cover and a great review from one of my favourite semi-gothic authors, Sarah Perry. It’s a children’s story, but focuses on the loss of the sea gods, and the arrival of something else.

The Lost Ones is a lot more thriller and mystery than I normally go for, but again, that cover. It is full of personal and house hauntings and it sounds delightfully creepy.

And finally, Kingdom of Souls. A girl has to sacrifice a year of her life at a time in order to gain the power she needs to fight her mother. There’s a lot of hype around this book and I’m really looking forward to reading it.

And that’s it for this week! I’ve got a couple of long train journeys coming up so I’m hoping to make a good dint in the pile of books I’m almost definitely behind on reviewing.

Have a great week!


5 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap Up (5-11/08/19)

    1. Thanks! It sounds like a lot of fun – hopefully it will balance out some of the sea-based disappointment I had from To Kill a Kingdom :O

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