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Review: Lord of Secrets by Breanna Teintze

Lord of Secrets has a great magic system, an interesting world and characters that have a lot to give – I just didn’t quite get everything I was looking for, although it wasn’t far off.

Title: Lord of Secrets

Author: Breanna Teintze

Pages: 400

Publication Date: 25th July 2019

Publisher: Jo Fletcher Books

I found this book both a lot of fun and a bit of a struggle.

First, I loved the magic-casting system. It’s based on reading runes, which have to be written somewhere, often on the caster’s body. And casting magic has side effects, which can take the length of the spell to come into affect, leaving the caster ill and damaged by the toxicity. In addition to that is a race of people, the Tyrnaal, who can absorb the toxic effects of magic, and are used for this. Add to that is a political backstory about the use of magic, Guilds, the right to use magic and what it can be used for.

And, I loved the story. At its basis is Corcoran Gray, who has to right a wrong and rescue his grandfather, who has been kept prisoner on necromancy charges. Gray has barriers and barriers built up around him, and makes an effort to push everyone away. And in order to save his grandfather, he has to break into Temples, gather artefacts and allow others a little bit closer. I love a good mystery/heist/break-in sequence and this book definitely offered it.

On the other hand, I often felt in the dark whilst reading Lord of Secrets. I don’t know whether that was intentional (as the name suggests) or whether there was content missing in the writing that made this harder for me – some things, such as Gray’s interior monologue, were hashed over and over – whilst I needed more details about characters’ backgrounds, motivations and the world they were in. Some of this is the disadvantage of first person storytelling from Gray’s point of view – it meant that the reader was even more in the dark than he was (and he picked up on things frustratingly slowly). But there were quite a few times when I just wanted the story to dwell more on a location, or an idea, and give me chance to enjoy it, rather than rushing the information past.

I’m hoping that some of that information would come through in the second book, and, with these characters and setting, I would definitely be interested in the next book.

Realistically this is about 3.8 stars rounded up to 4 (is that even a star rating??)

Thanks to Jo Fletcher Books and NetGalley for my review copy!


4 thoughts on “Review: Lord of Secrets by Breanna Teintze

  1. I keep seeing this book crop up! I’m not one for fantasy reads, but my man is a HUGE Brandon Sanderson fan and it’s been compared to his stuff a bit. I’m tempted to get it for him for his birthday in September but I’ve seen mixed reactions to it 🤔 Thank you for sharing 😊

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