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Review: Sorcery of Thorns by Margaret Rogerson

Sorcery of Thorns is a great quality YA fantasy novel. With books that can take your fingers off, magic that comes at a price and excellent chemistry between characters – what’s not to love?!


Title: Sorcery of Thorns
Author: Margaret Rogerson
Pages: 456
Publication Date: 13th June 2019

Elisabeth Scrivener is a foundling, abandoned to the Great Library at Summershall and has been bought up among booklice and grimoires – some of the most dangerous tomes of sorcery in the world. She has always been taught that sorcery is evil – it is, after all, what created the books that could snap your fingers off or entrap your soul – but she can’t help her fascination with a young magister who visits the library.

After the library at Summershall is sabotaged, and Elisabeth has been blamed for the crime, she is transported by the magister Nathaniel Thorn. Elisabeth, however, is convinced that he has had something to do with the attack and vows to get revenge.

Elisabeth Scrivener herself is wild, determined and unstoppable. But even better, is that although she appears to be invincible, and to fling herself into impossible situations, she doesn’t come out unscathed mentally, and we later see her becoming overwhelmed by her actions.

This a riotous, action-packed fantasy story, with a romantic undertone. I get a bit spooked around YA romances, as I’ve read some atrocious ones, but this one … the chemistry, the characters … it worked so well.

“Very well, you unutterable menace,” he said. “Help me hold them off.”

“… You unmanageable, contrary creature. You have made me believe in something at last. It feels as wretched as I imagined.”

There were some solid Pride and Prejudice Mr Darcy vibes throughout Elisabeth and Nathaniel’s sparring, slow-burn relationship, which was very much one of equals in a world where women are still seen as hysterical – and it was good.

And I mean, who doesn’t love a fantasy set in a library?

I received an ARC of this book from NetGalley and Simon and Schuster in exchange for an honest review – a very pleased 5*s.

If you enjoyed Sorcery of Thorns, or think you might but would like something aimed at slightly older readers, I would really recommend Genevieve Cogman’s Invisible Library series – underrated fantasy but a great world.

What other library fantasy books do you know and love?


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