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Book Review: Limited Wish by Mark Lawrence

A super second installment to this trilogy – and, for a potentially challenging topic, Mark Lawrence pulls off Book 2 even better than Book 1!

Nick Hayes has managed to bluff his way into Cambridge, where he can continue his father’s work on the mathematical proof for time travel that will enable his future self (Demus) to return to Nick’s own past (just go with it). But, aside from run-ins with the élite*, things won’t be so straight-forward. He appears to see a double of a girl he has met, running round the university and chased by ghosts. His own relationship with Mia has been crushed under feelings of inevitability and, after finding out that he is now caught in a double paradox, it seems like no decision that Nick makes will be the right way out.

The adventure and confusion that follows feels much like the first book, although smoother, slicker and better explained. And as it’s time travel I can completely forgive events repeating themselves – especially when the characters recognise this too!

I also love the role that D&D plays in these books – it’s a clear analogy for the events happening to Nick, but it never feels laboured. Instead, it just shows how exciting and imaginative a well-played campaign can be – particularly when you are surrounded by a great group of friends.

Loved the story, loved the writing, makes me a very happy nerd.

*As an Oxbridge alumni I’m willing to forgive these, as it didn’t feel like they were representing us all… plus I can happily pretend that this is limited to the 1980s …

I received an ARC of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review – and honestly I loved it! 5*s.


3 thoughts on “Book Review: Limited Wish by Mark Lawrence

      1. It’s my pleasure! No I haven’t, but I would like to do it someday!
        Since you have got such a beautiful writing, could you provide me feedback on my blog? It would be immensely helpful.
        Thank you! 🙂

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