Cooking Experiments and Almond Milk

Being at home I now have access to ALL THE TASTY THINGS (and have introduced some offensively healthy super-grain things of my own).

The other night the kitchen exploded (except without fire or explosions) and there was a mess everywhere, meaning that I could only cook and prepare the entire dinner on one ring of the cooker. Putting aside my delicious risotto plans, a tasty bulgar wheat smush was formed!

Bulgar Wheat Smush

300g dried bulgar wheat
chicken stock
chopped olives, red peppers, fresh peas (from the garden!)
spoon of olive oil
2 tablespoons creme fraiche

To make bulgar wheat more delicious and exciting, it tastes good if it’s boiled up in some kind of stock, rather than just plain boiling water. After it had cooked I added chopped veggie things and mixed in some creme fraiche. It all turned into a delicious pseudo-risotto and went well with slices of chicken and salad.

Satay Sauce (when there isn’t any in the cupboard)

2 tablespoons peanut butter
non-specific amount of chilli and ginger sauce
rapeseed oil
soy sauce

Mix mix mix. Pour over your non-specific stir-fry, mix in your noodles. Om nom nom.

And apart from sending off job applications and gently despairing, that’s what’s Hannah’s been doing. (I’m gently dreading the moment when, on a job application, the potential employer asks to see my social media skillz and here’s a blog with badly-drawn dinosaurs. YEAHHHH).

I’ve also tried almond milk, which is pretty nice in porridge, and probably nice in baking, but I’m not excited about it in tea, coffee, on its own or on my cereal…

Have you tried almond milk? Do you have any suggestions for the half-carton sitting in my fridge and disturbing my Mum every time she opens the door?


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