Mostly Back on Track

It’s been a few hectic weeks (months?) in my house … here’s what’s been going on:

Mum was diagnosed with Stage Two breast cancer. She had a lumpectomy to remove the offending part and they checked the lymph nodes to see if the cancer had affected anything else. Luckily it hadn’t, but she now needs 3 weeks of radiotherapy. She’s had one week of it so far. It only takes about 10-15mins each time, and the nurses are very pleasant (they showed me the equipment) but it does take about 2 hours out of the day to drive to the treatment centre, wait, get treated and go home again. She says she isn’t feeling any side effects yet, which is to be expected as she’s very active, but exhaustion will probably kick in around the end of the second week.

Meanwhile … I’ve been skipping back and forth between home and Oxford and managed to make the most of some of my last days there, although the whole cancer thing means that things weren’t quite as relaxing as originally planned …

I graduated from my Master’s degree. So I’m now ‘BA Hons MPhil (Oxon)’ which is quite enough letters for now.

I’ve spent a couple of weekends in London with the boyfriend. We went to his cousin’s wedding and had a surprisingly good time.

I had a job interview at Dr Johnson’s House, which is a lovely little museum near Fleet Street in London. Unfortunately I didn’t get the job (I was apparently a “strong second”, which just means ‘not as good as someone else’) and as I’d spent a long time preparing for the interview, I was quite upset to be rejected. But mostly I was upset as I hadn’t had time to apply for any more jobs up until then and so had no new interview to look forward to, or new plan, or anything that could be a potential job soon. It’s taken a little while for me to settle down and start applying for jobs again. On a positive note, as least that means I have the right experience and skills to be working in a museum, I just need to keep applying (sigh. Application forms are yucky) and I should get something at some point …

My Dad is spending a lot of time in Cornwall at the moment. I think a part of this might be to avoid dealing directly with cancer stuff, but mostly because he’s painting walls in a bungalow down there (when my Grandma died we inherited a bungalow. I want to get it ready for renting, I’m not sure what my Dad wants to do with it, but it flooded recently and we live too far away to do much about it). Hopefully I can get down there at some point and start poking around.

AND FINALLY I’m having a lot of fun cooking at the moment, as I’ve taken on all chef-duties from my Mum so that’s something less for her to do.

Tonight’s dish will be salmon fillets (cooked in parcels) on a bed of puy lentils, with grilled tomatoes and broccoli. Time to get cooking!


2 thoughts on “Mostly Back on Track

  1. Sorry to hear about the interview 😦 I’m sure you’ll get an even more awesome job before long!
    Glad things seem to be going okay with your mum – sending you all love πŸ™‚

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