Watcha doing Hannah?

Well, interwebs, I’m in London at the moment, gate-crashing the boyfriend’s tiny room (it is literally a bed, a desk and floor covered in crap). What am I doing in London? I’m on a dig!

How did I come to be on a dig, seeing as I have no real money or time? Accidental competition winning! I saw a competition in Current World Archaeology 20 minutes before the deadline, so rather than writing 150 about why I wanted to go on the dig, I wrote a short poem on why archaeology, Romans and digging is cool. And rhymed ‘sherds’ with something. I didn’t even save the poem as I didn’t expect to win. So, of course, I won!

The dig is at Syon Park, excavating some Roman stuff (houses?) that border the old Roman road (London Road).


It’s a training dig, and as a veteran (!) of three long digs already, I’m finding it a bit basic, but it’s nice to actually be able to excavate things again. The last dig I was on was in York, where I was a placement, so I did less of the digging and more of the supervising. It’s definitely a lot more fun to actually be involved with the dirt!

Only here for the week, so will be back in Oxford soon, and may even reply to The Oxford Owl’s rainbow tag …


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