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Book Review: Déja Dead

Have you ever watched Bones? I love the show. It’s bit silly, a bit scientific and the characters are all extreme enough to be enjoyable and likeable. (Also it’s a bit like archaeology, and a bit like anthropology, but with TV-SCIENCE!).


So I recently read the first book by Kathy Reichs that the TV show was based on: Déja Dead.

Reading the book after having watched the TV show is probably a bad mistake, but if I hadn’t seen the show first, then I’m not sure the book would have persuaded me to watch it.

The style is clunky and uncomfortable, jam-packed with so many similes and metaphors that at times you have to stop reading so as to remember what the paragraph was even about.

The character of Tempe Brennan is also very different to the show. She’s more realistic (and probably more likeable if you met her in person) but, (and I won’t spoil the plot) she’s sufficiently insensitive and selfish that you can’t help throwing up your hands crying “how did you NOT see that coming?!”

HOWEVER, despite all these criticisms (most of which can be put down to a first novel) the overall feeling of tension was fantastic. You could tell what was coming, but you still hoped it wouldn’t. And it meant that despite not being over-awed by the book, I stayed up late just to finish it.

I’ll probably find myself reading another Kathy Reichs book, but if the style doesn’t change, I’m not sure it would be worth a third attempt.

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