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Mandara Spa Review

So a friend of my Mum’s often sends me little gift packs of smelly things when she comes to visit. To be honest I end up recycling some of these and giving them to friends as birthday presents if I run out of ideas. One of these packs was sent to me the other week and I thought, well, it’s daft not actually using it.


This one has shower gel, moisturising daily lotion and hand cream.

Turns out I’m a big fan of the smell (grapefruit and lemon). I’m still getting used to all the various scented products that you can buy, (which is a terrible admission for a 23 year old), but these are actually pretty nice. I don’t know if I’d go out and buy them myself, but I’m happy with what I’ve been using.

I often have quite sensitive skin, and have yet to see any problems using these products. I’ve been using the moisturiser and hand cream for the past few days with no problems, and really enjoy catching the odd scented whiff of myself! (Well, that sounds weird …).

So, all in all, they smell nice and I feel like a grown up using them!

(The gift pack can be found here:


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